“It has been 60 years…

The Zentraedi fleets are all but wasted. Only a few pirate fleets and some aging groups of survivor gangs on Earth exist. Without a factory to replenish their resources, they are nothing but lost children in space. The rest have learned to co-mingle with the human population.

What is left of the Robotech Masters has also been absorbed into our populations. Their vaunted Empire, laid waste by the Invid.

The many races of the Sentinels have retreated back to the politics of their own homeworlds. They still feet the betrayal of the Haydonites and lick their wounds caused by the Invid Regent.

The Invid Regent is dead. Killed at the hands of the Zentraedi hero, Breetai. His forces disappeared without his evil energies powering them.

And then there is the Invid Regis, Queen of the Flower of Life. Gone beyond this dimension. Taking all her children in an energy dragon beyond the stars to who knows where. Destroying much of the Sentinel fleet in her wake. What was left were drained of their Protoculture Energy Cells. An entire fleet of ships, left powerless in orbit.

It took us years to rebuild. Years to return to another form of energy. Years to restore our cities.

Humanity has left their blue sphere and colonized outside their little system. Large Arkology Ships have left Earth and settled on several worlds.

It has been 60 years, and we have known peace…”

“What, drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word, As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee…” – Tybalt, Romeo and Juliett

Robotech: Revenge of the Fallen

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