Robotech Masters


Robotech Masters will try to avoid full frontal conflicts as much as they can. That job is for the Zentraedi. Robotech Masters will use whatever means necessary to get ahead. They will threaten, take hostages, lie, sneak, steal, bribe, etc…

During the Second Robotech War, it was common practice for the Robotech Masters to capture humans to be brain-wiped and used as pilots for their battleroids or as zombie-like infantry pumped with pain killers. This tactic would make defenders hesitate in shooting their own kind.

Other combat tactics have shown that they will try to divide and conquer. Mech units that have infiltrated their motherships will be separated by a maze of doors and hallways while the man at the end may receive a well timed sniper shot to the head or a silently dragged away from his comrades at the hands of an Terminator.

Invid Fighters

Invid Fighters were a new battleroid type introduced during the Second Robotech War along with a more advanced scout battleroid. Invid Fighters are based on the triumvirate mentality, the three that act as one. The pilots are higher classed bioriod triplets that are linked telepathically/cybernetically. When shooting, Invid Fighters ALWAYS shoot the same target. If one of the pilots is killed, the other two will go into as berserker rage.

Robotech Masters

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