Stage IV Invid or Human Traitors?!

It is rumored that the Invid have either been able to transform into the Human Image or had rewarded human traitors with command and mecha.

Three of these believed “Invid turned Human” were Corg, Sera, and Ariel. More of these “Human Invid” were believed to be seen at the final battle on Reflex Point. Intelligence reports have shown the mecha and the pilots, yet no real evidence of their existence has been substantially proven that these pilots are Human or Invid.

Before the Robotech Wars began, the Regess did take the form of a human female to entice Zor. She maintained this form during her entire campaign on Earth.

Proof against the rumors was that none of the mecha or Human Invid were present in the Regent’s forces on any of the worlds he conquered.


The Invid have not really shown much in the way of tactics other than swarm the enemy until it is dead. Later stage Invid would show more of an awareness of their environment and better sensors, but still maintained the “Blast it, till its dead” philosophy.

Invid on patrol controlled by the Regess ignored most human activity unless provoked or when excessively using Protoculture.

Invid and Inorganics on patrol controlled by the Regent would kill on sight.

OOC NOTE – Watchers of the show know that Stage IV Invid did exist. But they were so rare and the idea is so revolting that the political machine has tried to silence the rumors as human traitors.


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