Protoculture was a high power energy source derived from the seeds of the Flower of Life.

When the Invid Regiss left Earth in the Third Robotech War, she absorbed all the Protoculture Energy on Earth and in the attacking REF Fleet.

Protoculture is extremely rare and has been replaced by other power sources.


A Hydrogen based fuel that burns cleaner than most fossil fuels. HBT powers most ground vehicles and some aircraft. MOSPEADA Cyclones are now powered by HBT.

Schizuma Drive

Pair Annihilation (Reaction or Reflex)

The term “reaction” is used in reference to a type of OverTechnology described as pair-annihilation. The Reaction Engine (often called thermonuclear reaction engine) is an excellent power source of extreme efficiency since it is not necessary for the fuel to be nuclear material and the reaction is easily maintained in a plasma state through the use of super dimension spatial theory. Reaction weapons using pair-annihilation via OverTechnology produce high energy destructive effects even greater than those of nuclear weapons.

Reaction engines are used in large spaceships and fold engines


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