Daedalus Attack

The Daedalus Attack was conceived by ??? Lisa Hayes (a bridge officer on the SDF-1 at the time) during an engagement with a Zentraedi vessel in the rings of Saturn.

The Daedalus was a landing carrier whose bow contained a huge ramp to disembark destroids and troops during beach assaults. The Daedalus and the Prometheus were caught in the hyperspace fold of the SDF-1. These ships were then attached to the sides of the SDF-1 where the A.R.M.D.-1 Space Carriers were originally supposed to dock.

After the misfold, the Fold Generators disappeared and the connections for the main gun were lost. Dr. Emil Lang suggested that certain portions of the ship rotate sections to swap out the missing parts so the main gun could fire.

When in this new attack form, the SDF-1 took on a human like shape with the Daedalus and Prometheus Carriers hanging off the sides like arms.

Lisa Hayes suggested that the pinpoint barrier system was focused on the bow of the Daedalus and the SDF-1 would make a motion to simulate punching a Zentraedi ship. Once past the armor of the Zentraedi vessel, the Daedalus would open its front ramp where several destroids were waiting to fire their entire payload into the Zentraedi vessel.

The attack form was used several times with varying degrees of success depending on angle of attack and destroids available at the time.

Macross Canon Commanders and other R.E.F.S.S. that can transform into a battloid form can employ The Daedalus Attack.

Daedalus Attack

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