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  • Laughing Jackals

    h1. 56th Squadron "The Laughing Jackals" The Laughing Jackals are currently assigned to the R.E.F.S.S. Yorktown on its last patrol mission before being decommissioned. h3. Members * [[:71607 | Richard "Dick" Vanderwilde, Lt.]] * [[:71629 | Case …

  • Bella Johnson

    Bella Johnson is a bridge officer on the R.E.F.S.S. Yorktown. Bella is currently in a relationship with Pilot Chett Lymriche. Bella was introducing him to her parents, the Admiral and Katherine Johnson on their arrival. Bella's parents were in the …

  • Admiral Johnson

    Admiral Johnson is the father of Bella Johnson and husband to Katherine Johnson. He was last seen in the hospital attending to his wife when the [[Zentraedi]] attacked.

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