Robotech: Revenge of the Fallen

Episode VIII

The Laughing Jackals are ordered to seize the command staff of the Zentraedi Fleet. They fly at full speed up to the Zentraedi cruiser and blast open one of the mecha hangar airlocks right behind the command deck.

In a harebrained stunt, Case Tane flies through the mecha hangar, fires most of his missiles at the weapons locker and then fires the rest to blast another airlock open. Fortunately, he does not ram into the airlock door. His engines take in some shrapnel and his veritech flys out of the exploding airlock only to drift into space without power.

The Zentraedi panic at all the explosions in their mecha bay. The rest of the Laughing Jackals provides cover and starts their way into the CIC. There they confront the Zentraedi Commander Bruno, his command staff, and a Robotech Master Red Battloid!

The Laughing Jackals engage in Hand to Hand combat with the Zentraedi.

Wyatt engages the battloid, Lt, Dick takes on Bruno, and Chet tries to take control of the ship. They scuffle.

Case while floating in space sees the Invid Scout again as it takes a closer look at him. He then sees a shimmer in space above the Robotech Factory when…

At the end of the combat, a beam slices its way through the command deck, killing Bruno, and seems to continue to bisect the ship! Another beam slices through the ship! The ship begins to split into large pieces and explode!

Turn in next episode!



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