Robotech: Revenge of the Fallen

Episode V: So much for R&R

A lot happened in this episode…

CHET Still attending dinner with his dad, his bridge bunny girlfriend, and her parents, the Admiral and his wife. He shifts nervously in his seat. When…

CASE and WYATT Through clever deception, they make their way back to the landing docks where the REFSS Yorktown was last parked. It is gone!

They start looking around and find the carrier a few levels down. Robotic arms are quickly removing all the mecha from the launch bays and some of the internals to the front launching bays. The mecha are placed on a conveyor belt and carried away to another part of the factory.

They get on an elevator and find another catwalk closer to the ship, this one crossing near the bow, the look down and see a flatbed truck with a tarp over the bed. Under the tarp seems to be a large human shape.

A woman in CVR armor checks the drivers instructions> She t gives him new ones, and gets in the passenger seat. They get to the end of the catwalk when…

DICK Is still attending the ball. During the dinner segment, the Senator begins to give a speech on the upcoming plans for the docked Ikazuchi Carriers.

Instead of being decommissioned, they will be rearmed with nuclear antiship missiles launchers replacing the front mecha launch tubes. The speech is interrupted by…

... Their eyes are blinded by a flash of red light. All they see is red. Their ears are filled with a throbbing hum. They can barely make out screams of panic as people try to move around. They are not sure how long it lasts, maybe seconds, maybe hours, then it stops. ...

DICK People in the room recover. Dick reaches for his wife to comfort her. Looking over the room they find the Senator, Cmmdr Columbus and one other Commander are down on the ground having seizures.

Officer's gather to try and figure out what just happened, thinking this is a Zentraedi attack.

Dick inserts the "anyone know what a brain is?" through the Chief. One of the other officers says that the Invid used Brains to control their towers, but it couldn't be them. They have been gone for 60+ years!

The air raid siren goes off and there is an announcement of an incoming Zentraedi fleet. All civilians are ordered to their safety bunkers while all military personel report to their stations.

Dick tells his wife that their son should be safe with the assistant who picked them up and that she should head towards the bunker in the basement.

He is going to find a mech! He runs outside and piles into a limo with a bunch of other pilots. In the distance explosions can be heard. He calls forth the Laughing Jackals to REPORT!

They reach an airbase and load up in mecha. He informs one of the ground crew to tell someone to STOP taking apart the mechs in the hangar bay. The crewman seems confused, but obeys.

CHET The Admiral's wife is on the floor convulsing. Chet fumbles for a piece of silverware and uses it to protect her tongue. As he examines her head, something "licks" his palm. He has a WTF moment as her seizure stops.

The admiral and others are calling 911. They arrive and take her away. The admiral rides in the ambulance, while the daughter and Chet's dad go with him.

When they get to the hospital and the Admiral's wife gets checked in, they stay there for a bit when he tells his dad to go back to the hotel.

Then air raid sirens go off. He gets a message from Dick wondering where he is. Chet gives an awesome speech about what kind of anime girlfriend Bella wants to be. A soldier or a whimpy flashback!

He uses his remote control to becon his Alpha to him. The video shows his alpha in a line of other alphas being dismantled ala SW Ep II. Then there is black, but he is still getting signal.

He comes out of the hospital with girlfriend in tow to confront, a Male PA in front of the hospital. The PA fires into the hospital! Behind the PA, Chet's alpha fighter arrives and fires all its missiles at the PA. They get into the alpha and fly off.

CASE AND WYATT They recover and rush down to the next level in hopes of finding the truck. It is nearby where it crashed into a guard rail.

Case approaches the driver with his gun drawn, Wyatt approaches the passenger side. The driver is trying to recover from what just happened. The passenger is having a seisure in the front seat.

Wyatt checks under the tarp to find the naked corpse of Commander Rico with a hole in his head and his left eye missing.

They hear an explosion and sirens. It starts to get windy in the tunnel. Case gets behind the wheel and they start driving down the road as fast as they can.

He looks over to the driver to say something to see a Female Power Armour keeping pace with him.

It gives a "warning shot" to the cab which Case deftly avoids. Everyone bails out of the truck, except the unconscious girl, and they book it.

Case looks behind him as he see three PAs now, two green and one red, collecting Rico's corpse and engine boosting it out of there.

They get back in the truck and try to find some mecha. On the trip they run into some Male PA heading the same way, but they are ignored. They find mecha and get aboard.



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