Robotech: Revenge of the Fallen

Episode IV

The REFSS Yorktown has arrived home to the robotech factory that built it. A new pod was added to the robotech factory that contains a micronian city. The characters attend the dismissal ceremony and are greated at the dock by their families (if they had one).

Lt. Vanderwild is greated by his wife and 6 year old boy. Ens Chet is greeted by his dad, but intercepted by his girlfriend to introduce him to her father, an Admiral. Ens Wyatt is “greeted” by his mother, the gruff Sgt. He says Hello and keeps walking right by her. Ens Case is greeted by no one and heads for the first bar he can find.

Lt. Vanderwild is invited to a dismissal ball where the command staff of several ships and their families can meet, drink, eat, and dance and network! He is greeted by an old high school friend who has become an administrative assistant for one a senator. His friend helps introduces the up and coming lt to many in the crowd. He overhears one of the Admirals talking with Commander Columbus about seeing Zentraedi ships and that he was “sorry to hear about the prisoner.”

Ens Chet and his father are invited to dinner with his girlfriend’s family.

Ens Wyatt tries to do research on Zentraedi and references to the worm or the brain. He has no research skills. He later finds Ens Case passed out at a bar. They decide to go to a shooting range and practice. While there they overhear two marines saying how they too have encountered Zentraedi ships at some of their jump points. Now they are thinking of boarding the REFSS Cerebus to get more information.


  • I rushed myself with this one. Basically, it was a chance to give some fluff to the characters and build up relationships with NPCs. I will probably take the rest of the story here to email to speed things up and when the players meet again they can have a quick catch up.
  • I have this weird obsession about robotech factories. I could probably write an entire series of games surrounding life in a robotech factory. They are these awesomely huge factory satellites thousands of years old that can rebuild a zentraedi fleet in minutes, complete with cloned crew. And no one knows really how they work (except the Robotech Masters of course)! With a little reprogramming and you can have a REF fleet complete with cloned human crews.

And they are so massive, pretty much anything can hide somewhere in them.


... I’m pretty sure Case isn’t a clone… though he is a flat character.

Episode IV

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