Robotech: Revenge of the Fallen

Episode III

the scout issues orders for all battlepods to cease attacks and surrenders. The players are ordered to mech hangar bay 3 to await and escort Commander Rico of the scout vessel 1357, 3rd wing, Vantoro Battlegroup back to the R.E.F.S.S. Yorktown.

They arrive in the bay. The airlock closes, pressurizes, and the door opens to reveal several zentraedi in a new style of power armour. Six of the soldiers are red, the rest are olive drab. They form two columns in front of the airlock.

They wait a few minutes for the commander to arrive. He shows up in full battle armour giving last minute instructions to a smaller officer. Some of PCs overhear him say “We will not be food for the brain.”

He approaches a heavy lift that drops down with an Officer’s battlepod with booster sled introduces himself to Lt. Richard, gets in his BP, and they leave together.

They arrive on the ikazuchi carrier. A MP Squad of Sabre Cylclone Armour appear on the deck. The Commander, the XO, and some other officers arrive on the control deck above, almost eye level with the Zentraedi Commander.

The commander order the Zentaedi to diffuse all arms and for the ship to be boarded by Alpha squadrons. The ship will be towed back to their base.

Commander Rico scanned the micronians around him, and refused the order. There was a spike on the radio frequencies as he announces “we will not be food for the brain!”

The Commander ordered them to place the Zen officer under arrest. The characters took him down quickly with a final gun butt to the back of the head.

The Zentraedi ship began to power up its main weapon and disgorge fighters and power armour. The players ran out the airlock to aid their already engaged comrades.

The hull splits along its seam, opening like a giant maw as the main spinal weapon charges. Bolts of energy dance along its surface. But the ship is still at an angle pointing away from the Ikazuchi.

As they approach the ship, it explodes. As the shockwave hits the Alphas, some members hear a woman scream. Chet is still disturbed by the scream.



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