Robotech: Revenge of the Fallen

Episode II

The squadron return and upload their findings. It was a Zentraedi Salan Scout vessel that jumped in right behind them.

They were given some time to rest while the CAG and commander planned what to do with this relic from the past.

A capture mission was planned. Case was sent ahead in an ELINT vessel to track the scout cruiser. The rest of the squadrons were to jump on the other side of the planet, use the ice ring as cover and jump from the ring to attack the vessel. Their aim was to target the engines and weapon systems before it could get away. Then the Yorktown would jump in and order the vessel to surrender.

The mission so far was a success with few casualities. The attack squadron was able to pounce on the scout before they could activate their defenses and took out the engines. The scout managed to launch a couple squadrons of a new type of battlepod (Macross II variants) and they are still in the air.

Now to see if the Zentraedi actually surrender



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