Robotech: Revenge of the Fallen

Episode 1

Yesterday was the first game.

The characters were between missions. They were actually allotted a couple of days downtime. Having just recieved their pay, they started a poker game, because on an Ikazuchi Carrier there really isn’t much more to do.

Wyatt was down on his luck and losing money fast and Dick was up on his luck.

A bridge bunny passes them as they play poker and erases a couple of assignments on the white boards. The Laughing Jackals are given a new patrol mission and they have 30 minutes to show up for briefing.

The CAG briefs them that a resupply transport spotted a weird radiation signal in a nearby planets asteroid belt. He is sending the sqaudron to investigate as a precaution, but he does not really think anything of it.

The squadron jumps in very near to their destination. After a couple of scanner sweeps they detect a radiation burst and spot something drifting away from the asteroid belt. They investigate closer and find, a DECOY!

In the asteroid field, Chet spots a ship trying powering up to make a run for it. The ship is huge compared to their alpha/betas, easily 300+ feet long with what appears to be a large eye on the front. A Zentraedi Theatre Scout!

Dick and Chase try to intercept the scout and fire a couple warning shots while Chet and Wyatt investigate the asteroids for any buddies.

The scout is not responding to their warnings or their hails and starts to gain speed, but the boosted legios units can easily keep up. Chase fires a Smart missile into the scout in an attempt to take out the engines, but he used a little too much missile! The scout explodes.

Chet is then pounced on by two Zentraedi fighters. They are easily dispatched.

The squadron continues to scan the asteroids for the rest of the mission and then jump out. Just as the Jump clock hits 1, something jumps into the same space. Sensors indicate its BIG, but the Jump timer clicks 0 and they are gone before it can identify it.

GM Sidebar – I think I tried to swallow a bit too much on the “teaching rules” this session. I keep forgetting that to have the characters play poker, the players should actually know how to play poker. So I lost a bit of steam there as we fumbled through poker rules and then the combat rules.

Also need to modify the mech sheets still. Just give them one main missile system instead of seperate launchers by location. What I may do is assign a “locations perk” or something so that missile loadouts can get blown away, but there is still one main missile system for the Alphas.



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